Step into a peaceful, quiet, warm space, where cell phones do not ring, there is nothing for you to do, no questions to answer, no emails to return. Your only goal is to relax. Your thoughts from the day slowly drift away as if you were watching clouds in the sky drift by. Sound good?

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In many cultures massage is viewed as a routine part of a preventive health program, why not make it part of your maintenance plan?


Each massage session is crafted to meet your body’s needs that day. A typical session with start with heat – either a warm towel on your back or neck, or a few minutes with your hands snuggled inside warming mitts. I often use heated rice bags, warm river rocks, or silicone cupping tools to encourage your muscles to soften. We often carry stress, especially in our hands, face, jaw, and hips without realizing it. The style of body work you will receive from me may be very different from what you think of as “massage”. Rather than “pushing” or forcing your body to let go I subtly and gradually invite change through passive manipulation, myofascial release work, gentle mobility and stretching, Thai massage, and cranio sacral therapy techniques. While this work can affect deep, long lasting change is your soft tissues, please do not expect to be pummeled.


Although a single massage will be enjoyable, the effects of massage are cumulative and regular massage treatments will bring you the most benefits. You may enjoy massage as a standalone service, or combination with your strength sessions.

What can regular massage do for you?  Click here to learn more about the benefits of massage and the types of massage offered by Anne at her studio.

Looking for a gift? Treat your bride to be or birthday girl to some well-needed pampering.

Massage Pricing:

  • Sixty Minute Session: $100
  • Ninety Minute Session: $150
  • Movement + Massage starter package: Four Movement + Massage sessions plus home equipment (yoga mat, ball, foam roller, or band). Call for pricing.

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Case study: Massage for Stress Relief

Irma suffers from chronic neck and upper back tension. She receives monthly massages to manage her pain and help relax tight muscles.

“Anne really listens. When I articulate a tough spot, she gets right in there and relieves the problem areas. I come away feeling rejuvenated. Thanks Anne for keeping me relaxed and stretched!” – Irma M.

Contact us for a free consultation and learn how massage and fitness can help to relieve stress.

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