Anne offers Personal Training (one on one sessions and/or small groups) and weekly classes – Pilates, yoga and Energy Flow (similar to Tai Chi).

How do I get started?

Call or email Anne to set up a consultation.

Together you will discuss your goals and current activity level and form a fitness game plan. This may include a handful of one on one sessions with Anne, small group classes, and/or massage. Anne may assist you in putting together a home gym, keeping a food journal, or sitting down with your calendar and scheduling your workouts, whatever it takes to get you off to a good start.

How often should we meet?

Anne suggests once or twice a week for the first six weeks, depending on what your schedule and budget allow.  If you are highly self motivated, meet with Anne once a month. She will set you up with personalized home program and check in or update your program as often as you like. Having trouble getting your workouts in? Meet with Anne several times a week for one on one sessions and/orclasses.

Do I need to have Pilates or yoga experience to join a class?

No but it may help to meet with Anne for an initial consultation and to establish your goals and go over some basic exercises.  Anne gives modifications for each exercise and encourages you to listen to your body and work at your own level of comfort.

I have Pilates/yoga experience, can I just pop in to class?

Yes please do!  The Tuesday noon Barre class at Sellwood Yoga’s Align Fitness Studio is an ongoing drop-in class.  You may pre-register online (link to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/asp/home.asp?studioid=246 or drop in for $15.

All other classes are held at Fluid’s studio on Clatsop street.  Due to the size of the studio space is limited so please call or email Anne to check on availability 503-705-4762.


Anne offers therapeutic, non-sexual massage. She combines aspects of Thai massage, Swedish massage, myofascial release, and Craniosacral therapy to aid in pain relief, lower stress, and improve joint function and mobility.

How do I know what kind of massage to ask for?

What have you liked or disliked about past massages?  Anne encourages you to give her feedback before, during and after your session about amount of pressure and style of touch.  You may prefer deep work one day and utilize light touch or energy work another. This is your massage and you should be comfortable throughout your session and leave feeling relaxed, de-stressed and ready to meet your day!

Do you offer deep tissue massage?

Yes and no. Anne has been trained in myofascial release work and this style of massage provides deep, long lasting results. Your experience during the session may be different that what you have experienced in the past, or what you are expecting if you ask for a “deep tissue” massage. Anne uses slow, steady, direct pressure and asks you to communicate with her during the session about how you are experiencing the work. If you are looking for someone to “pummel” you, or bear down on your tissue with all of their weight you should not schedule with Anne as that is not what she offers. This is counterproductive and a waste of both of our energies. If you are forced to hold your breath, wince, or “take it” during a session your body is sending out danger signals, not a relaxation response.

If you are looking for pain relief, long lasting change or increased awareness and new information about your body, this is the work for you and we are going to be a good fit.

What is Craniosacral?

This is a light touch therapy that is subtle and effective. Indicated for chronic headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder tightness, anxiety, and stress, this work truly can be life changing. Your experience receiving this work is typically much different than receiving traditional massage therapy. Anne uses a light touch – the weight of a nickel – and holds her hands in one position for a few minutes at a time. It may feel like she is doing “nothing” or you may feel energetic or physical shifts during or after your session. Clients report feeling “lighter”, more calm and relaxed, more centered and less physical pain often after one treatment. Often clients go to sleep on the table. If you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night this work is for you.

What is Thai Massage?

This differs from traditional massage in that it is typically performed on a padded mat (not a massage table) and you remain dressed in comfortable clothes. This ancient form of bodywork moves energy, lubricates joints, and increases joint range of motion. Anne often incorporates aspects of Thai massage into her sessions on the massage table. You may also schedule an hour of Thai massage. Although this is a more active style of bodywork, with Anne moving your limbs and moving you into different positions, it is very relaxing. In fact, often clients fall asleep during their sessions.

What do I wear?

For Thai massage please wear soft, comfortable clothes (sweat pants or athletic shorts and a t-shirt), cotton is best.

For sessions on the massage table, clients are completely undressed and covered by a sheet and blanket during their massage. You are welcome to undress to your level of comfort. After your initial consultation Anne will leave the room and allow you time to get on the table.  During your massage Anne exposes only the area being worked on at that time, the rest of you remains covered with a sheet and blanket for your comfort.

Will you come to my home/ office?

No Anne does not offer outcalls. All appointments are held at her Sellwood Studio.


Do you take credit cards?


Anne accepts cash and checks. There are several ATM’s within walking distance of the studio including Wells Fargo, Umpqua and Bank of America.

Do you offer refunds?


If you are unable to use your sessions you may gift them or sell them to a friend who may then use her time with me as she likes, for massage, classes, or personal training.

Where are you located?

Directions and contact information.

Fluid Movement + Massage, LLC

Anne McCranie | Personal Trainer/Licensed Massage Therapist | 1644 Southeast Clatsop Street, Portland, Oregon 97202 (Sellwood) | License #9460