Pain Management

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Are you in pain from a sports injury or car accident? Fluid Movement + Massage can help.

The combination of exercise and massage can be instrumental in making a strong recovery from injury and managing chronic pain. By strengthening your core through custom-targeted Pilates and relaxing tight sore muscles with massage, you can alleviate many health concerns and aches and pains caused by many chronic conditions and injuries.

Below we showcase several case studies of positive results our clients were able to achieve through our custom programs:

Case study: Post-surgery Recovery

Kirby does strength and conditioning training two to three times per week for sixty minutes each. After knee surgery, her routine included knee strengthening rehabilitative exercises. To keep herself motivated, Kirby works out with a buddy and goes for long weekend hikes with her dog.

She receives massage once a month to recover from a hard workout or just relax at the end of the week.

“I wanted to thank you for all of your support and dedication to my workout routine. You have been instrumental in my weight loss and stronger muscles! I some days get amazed at how far that I have come and that’s been very inspirational to go even farther – you’re the best!” – Kirby C.

Case study: Massage for Pain Relief

Sharon views massage as a necessary luxury. She treats herself as needed and keeps her body tuned up in between massages with weekly Pilates sessions.

“Anne has the best healing hands I’ve ever encountered. She has taken the pain out of multiple sports injuries I’ve had, and most recently has healed back pain that was immobilizing me. I would highly recommend her massage to anyone!” Sharon H.

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