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Weekly Zoom Classes

Take your pick form Yoga, Pilates, Energy Flow, Barre, and R.O.S.S. classes in the comfort of your own home. You can see and hear me, and all the people in class (and their pets, did I mention the pets?). $15 to “drop in”, or $120 for ten classes. Some classes are sliding scale, so you can pay what you are able to right now. Sign up at Dance With Joy’s website.

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  • Learn Mental Toughness Tips From Elliot Waksman of Portland Sport Psychology

    Our LIVE interviews are zooming right along! I so appreciate all of our interviewees, and all of YOU for tuning in and asking great questions! This week, I’m excited for you to meet Elliott Waksman, director of Portland Sport Psychology.

    Elliott has worked in the field of sport & performance psychology since 2010, helping individuals and groups boost their mental toughness. He has had the unique opportunity to collaborate with high achievers ranging from Olympic athletes, student-athletes, coaches, Special Operation soldiers, dancers, and physicians. His time in the trenches with those elite performers, confirmed his philosophy that developing mental skills, like resiliency, optimism, focus, and confidence helps everyone perform better, regardless of the stage.

    Elliott loves this work because he wants to make the world a better place. He finds fulfillment when clients enjoy healthier relationships, better self-awareness, and more productivity – on and off of the field.
    Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Elliott was a recognized three-sport athlete at Lincoln High. He often incorporates both his personal sport experiences and sense of humor in his mental training sessions.
    Tune in live with us this Saturday at noon to learn Elliott’s mental toughness techniques. This is sure to be a fun and thought provoking conversation!  

    Use this Zoom link to tune in, you may join us with your audio and video on or off, and you may ask questions live “in person” on by typing into the chat box.

    Meeting ID 847 0380 6987

    Meeting Password 024620

    Please share this with your friends. See you Saturday!

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I work with my clients one-on-one or in small groups using a combination of movement + massage to aid in pain relief, increase mobility, build muscular strength, and reduce stress. 

Clients receive the most benefit from taking advantage of my signature combination of Movement + Massage.

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Learn more about Fluid’s signature R.O.S.S. method which encourages mindful movement and injury prevention. This method helps you warm your muscles and tune your brain to your body by starting with release work. 

R.O.S.S.™ helps you to organize your small stabilizers and strengthen your larger muscle groups