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“Improve Your Online Teaching Skills” Workshop Sunday May 24th

Who: Dance teachers (This class is geared towards movement teachers, but the skills you learn will translate to any online instruction.)
What: 90 minute workshop that will immediately improve your teaching skills!
When: Sunday May 24th at 1:30 pm PDT
Where: From your home, or wherever you are teaching your online classes.
Why: To improve your skills, your students experience, and your bottom line.
How much: Donate the amount you like – from $5 to $25.
How: Join us on Zoom by clicking this link. And here is the meeting id and password:

Meeting ID: 868 0722 7398
Password: 469319

If you feel this class is beneficial, you may pop some dough into my paypal “tip jar”.

The video classes have been great, you’re doing an excellent job showing the moves from different angles and all, I haven’t had any trouble following along. I’m really grateful you’re able to do these, it’s been a lifesaver. 

Testimonial from S.H., Portland, Oregon

Goals of this workshop:

Improve your online teaching techniques to improve your client’s experience! To do this you need to learn new skills. This is not just a switch to video; this is a whole new way of teaching. You are responsible for creating an oasis for your people – a safe, loving, warm, learning environment where your clients get a break from their stressful day – and create relationships with others in class. When you do this, your students are excited about your classes, they tell their friends, and they can’t wait to come back! You fill your classes and make more money!

The number one thing I have learned from zooming, is the importance of clear verbal cueing. In fact I recently had a client have a technology issue and we did an entire session over the phone! What do you do when your client can’t see you very well, say they are tuning in on their phone or iPad?

It is your responsibility to be able to teach them using your words. We will be using breakout rooms, so you can practice your verbal cuing (including the “positive sandwich”) with each other.

Who do you know who teaches dance classes? Have you (or a family member) taken a dance class from a studio, either here in Portland, or elsewhere? I have developed a brand new program that I am excited to share with the dance community, and I need your help.

Would you be willing to introduce me to a dance instructor?

This could be any type of dance, from ballet, ballroom, bachata, salsa, swing, Jazzercise, or Zumba (to name a few). Teaching classes virtually is a whole different animal than teaching in a studio. I want to share my tips for success with other instructors.

You can help me in two ways:

1. Forward this post to your instructor.
2. Share this post on social media.

*LIVE* Interview with Sam From Zen Focus Tech

On Saturday May 9th we chatted with Sam from Zen Focus Tech about how to get the most out of your technology right now!

Does your screen freeze during Zoom calls? Are you maxing out your system with you, your kids, and your spouse, all on the internet at once? Check out our latest interview to learn how to improve your internet speed, improve your productivity, and reduce your stress while you work from home.

Sam Rodriguez shares his tech tips for working from home

About Sam: Sam is a trained engineer with 16 years’ experience in IT, and 7 years’ experience teaching martial arts to teenagers and adults. This combination allows him to bring quiet, expert determination to IT systems, and to take on a variety of roles. His work as an IT consultant integrates his knowledge of technology with his desire to serve – driving clients’ business passions with 21st century technology.

My goal with these free interviews is to help you reduce your stress, connect with cool, smart, knowledgeable people, and learn something new. You may tune in with your video on or off. I’m not judging your Saturday hair or pajama look.

Who do you know who would benefit from this? Can you send this info to your special person?

foam roller workshop May 16th

Foam Roller “Top Ten” Workshop

Do you suffer from tight, sore muscles? Want to feel relaxed, stretched, and destressed? Join us Saturday May 16th and learn an easy, at home, myofascial release program to keep your muscles supple. Together we go through Fluid’s “Top Ten” foam roller exercises that include release work, stabilization, strength exercises, and balance training.

Sign up here! (under the workshops tab)

* We will be using 36 x 6 inch inch round rollers (like this) for this class.* Contact me if you need a foam roller. I have used ones available for loan, and new ones for sale. (503) 705-4762

Who: you!
What: 90 minute movement workshop.
When: Saturday May 16th, from noon to 1:30.
Where: From the comfort of your own home! All classes and workshops are now virtual!
How much: One person for $35, two people attending the same workshop for $60.

Click here to sign up today!

You will find this class under the “workshops” tab (not the weekly class schedule).

Pilates core strength exercise

May Five Exercises

About the May Five: Each month we work specifically on five exercises to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility. I include these in my classes and training sessions, and my hope is that you will go through these on your own at home. Some moves, like this month’s baby bear,  you could do every day. In fact, you could baby bear in bed!

  • Baby Bear
  • Criss Cross
  • Roll Up
  • Deadlift
  • Tricep Extension

Our first May Five exercise is everyone’s favorite, Baby Bear! This is a capital “L” LAZY move. Not always easy to do (to be lazy that is). My goal is to reclaim this word, so that we view being lazy as a positive thing. Really do try to release any tension in your back, neck, and hips, and let yourself roll side to side as if you were a baby being rocked to sleep. I’m also excited about our deadlift, a big strength move for your back and hamstrings. As always, if you need assistance with any of these moves please call me for an in-person demo, or come to class! We would love to have you!

Please use your best judgment as to how suitable these are for you right now.

Baby Bear

Criss Cross



Tricep Extension

These photos are meant to remind you of work we have done together. Please see your medical professional prior to beginning a new exercise program.

If you’d like more detailed information on these exercises, click one of the links below:

Join a class

Schedule a 1:1 with Anne

*LIVE* Interview With Heather Stewart – Why Structure Is Important In These Uncertain Times

Saturday May 2nd, we talked to Heather Stewart about the importance of structure during these uncertain times. She shares her tips on how and why to stick to a schedule that includes healthy eating, movement, and coordinating with the other members of your household so that everyone feels successful. Thanks Heather!

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