Are You Lifting Heavy Things?

Are you lifting heavy things on a regular basis?

Have you heard that “women shouldn’t lift heavy weights”?

Are you afraid that if you lift anything heavier than a 5 lb weight you might “bulk up”?

I call b.s. on these claims.

What does your suitcase weigh?

How about a bag of mulch, or dog food?

If you want to be able to chuck your suitcase into the overhead bin, or load your kayak onto your car, or if you are concerned about losing muscular strength or bone density, you need to lift weights, and 2 lb dumbbells aren’t going to cut it.

To develop massive, bulky muscles takes a lot of work (and often supplemental help from steroids or testosterone). Doing weighted squats, or chest presses twice a week is not going to make you look like a monster.

One common theme I hear from most new clients is “I’m walking almost every day, but I don’t do strength work on my own”. I’ve heard lots of reasons women do not lift weights. You may be afraid of injuring (or reinjuring) yourself, or you’re not sure exactly how to program, or schedule your workouts. Maybe you find it boring, or prefer the camaraderie of a group cardio fitness class, to the solitary, sometimes lonely experience of taking yourself through a strength workout at home or at the gym.

If you don’t know how or where to start, give me a call. We will chat about your goals, and your current activity, and set a plan going forward to help you live your best life!

We can meet for one session, then you can take yourself through your workouts on your own, we could meet weekly until you feel comfortable with your knowledge of the exercises, and your form.

If small groups are more your thing, join an ongoing class. In our Monday yoga, Wednesday Pilates, and Saturday Barre classes, we incorporate weights and resistance training, often doing squats, lunges, rows, and push ups.

If you don’t have equipment at home I will provide you with everything you need to set up a basic home gym, or we can look around the house for tools you can use for now to get started. A large bag of rice can provide dynamic load. A step stool, or sturdy box, can sub for a bench. If you are new to exercise, or recovering from an injury, bodyweight workouts may be the way to go.

To get started, give me a call today and we will set up a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit.

I look forward to meeting you!


(503) 705-4762

I’m Engaged!

This seems kinda weird to announce in a blog post, and also appropriate since so much of our lives are online these days, so… I’m officially engaged!!!

Since my sweetie is very much the opposite of me – he has zero online presence – I like to post about him every once in a while so that y’all believe that he is a real person, not a figment of my imagination. Like Sasquatch, he likes to hang out in the woods, he’s fuzzy, and he’s quiet.

We have been talking about getting married for some time now, so while this was not a surprise, he did want to make this a special experience that we would remember. He put a lot of thought into where he wanted to propose. We were wrapping up a relaxing week in the Bend area, in Eastern Oregon. The smell of juniper was in the air, and we could hear chirping birdies, and the relaxing sounds of the Deschutes from our condo.

We did several hikes along the river. We had mostly sunny and cool weather, one day it was downright balmy! The day of his proposal we had lunch in Sisters then drove west towards the Mackenzie river.

He remembered the observatory at the lava fields just west of Sisters as a lush, green mountain top with views for miles.

Due to recent forest fires this was our view.

It was freezing cold, windy and overcast; so much for our beautiful mountain views. It was memorable for sure!

He chose this weekend as it was our 5 year dateaversary, and I am also a big fan of Halloween. When we drove back thru Sisters, all the local kids were doing a daytime trick or treat down main street.

There could not have been a better end to this day! Good food, nature, trick or treaters, and spending time with my sweetie.

We did go back to the warmer, prettier riverfront condo to snap a few more photos.

And we had a lovely drive back home over Mt Hood. Look close and you can see these bungee jumpers we stumbled across at the Crooked River (we did not jump btw).

Gratitude Experience begins November 21st!

November Gratitude Experience Starts Soon!

Join us as we practice expressing gratitude!

Would you like improved sleep, healthier skin, lowered blood pressure, and stronger relationships? All these are proven benefits of a consistent gratitude practice!

When times are tough, it’s easy to get stuck in a loop of self pity. When you fill your brain and your heart with gratitude, when you truly appreciate all the things, small and large, that you have to be thankful for, something magical happens!

Don’t believe me? Try this experiment with us for 5 days, then let me know how you feel.

  • What: Gratitude Experience
  • When: Five days – Sunday November 21st through Thursday November 25th (that’s Thanksgiving)
  • Where: Online
  • Why: Improve your outlook to improve your experience
  • Who: YOU!
  • How: Email me at and I will add you to our list. You receive one video prompt from me each day (like this short video below).

We kick off our challenge with a guided meditation Saturday November 20th at 11:30 am Portland Oregon time.

Here’s the zoom link:

Topic: LIVE Gratitude Meditation
Time: Nov 20, 2021 11:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 881 3223 0829
Passcode: 202070

On Saturday we will outline what you can expect over the next five days. Each day, Sunday through Thursday, you will receive an email with a short guided meditation video from me with a theme (people, pets, nature…).

You decide how you want to express your gratitude. You may sit and meditate, journal privately, write actual paper thank you notes and mail them (yes – like in an envelope with a stamp), send a text or email, or call your special people on the phone. You get to decide what is best for you.

My hope is that on turkey day you will express gratitude to some of your favorite people in person (and if you’re not doing in person Thanksgiving this year, you can always call me and tell me how much you appreciate me!).

That’s it!

  • Watch a short video
  • Sit with me for 5 minutes each day
  • Express your gratitude in the way you chose

Money back guarantee if you don’t feel better by the end of this! (I’m kidding, the challenge is free).

Fill out the form below and I’ll add you to our gratitude list!

Gratitude Experience

Fluid’s Nutrition Challenge Starts September 13th!

Want to look and feel your best?

Need to improve your diet, but you’re not sure where, or how to start?

I’ve got a plan for you!

Picture how you want to feel one month from now. How specific can you be with your goals?

For example:

  • You fit into that pair of pants that has been taunting you since last year.
  • You eat one home cooked meal with your family each week.
  • You replace your daily habit of a glass of wine with journaling, meditation, or a bath.

What is Fluid’s Nutrition Challenge?

Join our Nutrition Challenge and together you and I will craft YOUR customized plan. Over the next four weeks you will make small, incremental changes that lead to lasting results.

  • 4 week plan to improve your diet
  • 30 minute goal setting meeting with me on Zoom
  • weekly email and phone support

What it’s not:

This is not a “cleanse”. There will be no juicing (unless you really like juice). This is not a weight loss diet per se, but if you goal is to lose weight, or improve your body composition, I am here to help you.

You will bring new awareness to how you are fueling your body. You will learn to recognize your emotional eating cues, and to understand how to create new habits (spoiler alert – this has very little to do with willpower).

The cost is $55. Fit Club members, this challenge is included in your membership!

The Challenge starts September 13th. Please reach out to me this week, as I’m scheduling one on one goal setting sessions now. I’m holding a spot for you, dear friend!

Call or email me today to reserve your spot!

(503) 705-4762

*LIVE* Interview With Rae Gordon This Saturday!

This Saturday, August 28th, at 1 pm you are invited to join us live as we chat with one of the hardest working musicians in town – Rae Gordon!

Photo by Kathy Rankin

Rae recently toured New Orleans, where she performed at the Maple Leaf – a New Orleans institution!

The pandemic has not slowed her down. Here in the Portland area, been playing weekly outdoor gigs all summer.

Rae not only has the voice of rowdy blues angel, she is deeply invested in her community, and she’s super fun!

Tune in this Saturday at 1 pm to find out what she’s been up to, and where you can catch her next!

Photo by Tony Mutter
  • Live interview with Rae Gordon
  • Saturday August 28th
  • 1:00 PM



p.s. click here to watch recordings of our latest interviews. Please watch, comment, and share these with your friends!