Moreland Farmers Market Reopens Wednesday May 20th!

The Farmer’s Market is back! Wednesdays, from 2-6 pm. Still near Wilhelm’s, this year they have moved one block north on SE 14th Avenue between SE Glenwood St & SE Claybourne. Click here to read the market’s safety guidelines. You may walk up and shop – treat this shopping experience as if you are at the grocery store, no sampling, no hanging around, get your veggies and move along buddy! You also have the opportunity to preorder and pick up via the drive thru. Is anybody else cracking up that they have made a healthy drive thru? I love it!

I have been getting out and about a little more, and here are my top picks this week:

Reed Canyon. Looking for a quiet, in town nature walk where you may see birds, otters, or salmon? Reed has posted signage directing everyone to move in one direction around the creek, and to stay far away from each other. I was there Tuesday at 5 and it felt safe, and not too crowded.

Westmoreland park is another good choice, with wide walking paths and plenty of space.

Now, back to yummy food. We’ve mostly been hitting up the food carts on the weekend, (I can only eat my own cooking for so long) this feels like a safe way to support local businesses. I just found out that my favorite gumbo cart, Matt and Memere’s, has moved over to 35th and Powell in a pod where the old Original Taco House was (and right next door to DiNicola’s) so if your crowd can’t decide what to eat, you’ve got your choice of gumbo, gyros, fried chicken and jojos, or spaghetti and meatballs all at one location!

Eric was super excited to see Laughing Planet on Woodstock has reopened. They have their quarantine game down! You place you order and pre-pay online. They have tables set up just inside the door with your bag stapled shut, clearly labeled with your name, and a receipt taped to the outside showing the exact contents of the bag. You grab your food and head out the other door. I didn’t come within sneezing distance of another human the whole time. So if you are looking for a healthier option for burritos, bowls, and salads check them out (I usually pick the daily special and have never been disappointed).

I hope that you are doing what you feel is best for you and your family right now. If that means hunkering down at home, you have made the right choice. If you feel comfortable exercising outdoors, you have made the right choice. If you feel safer wearing a mask while doing so please do.

And lastly, these are my top pics based on where I went in the past week or so, not paid endorsements. I have no connection to these businesses, other than I like their food and their people, and wanted to share these places with you. If you have favorite places you’ve been going to lift your spirits, I’d love to hear about your quarantine adventures!



Create An Amazing Experience for Your Students!

“Improve Your Online Teaching Skills” Workshop Sunday May 24th

Who: Dance teachers (This class is geared towards movement teachers, but the skills you learn will translate to any online instruction.)
What: 90 minute workshop that will immediately improve your teaching skills!
When: Sunday May 24th at 1:30 pm PDT
Where: From your home, or wherever you are teaching your online classes.
Why: To improve your skills, your students experience, and your bottom line.
How much: Donate the amount you like – from $5 to $25.
How: Join us on Zoom by clicking this link. And here is the meeting id and password:

Meeting ID: 868 0722 7398
Password: 469319

If you feel this class is beneficial, you may pop some dough into my paypal “tip jar”.

The video classes have been great, you’re doing an excellent job showing the moves from different angles and all, I haven’t had any trouble following along. I’m really grateful you’re able to do these, it’s been a lifesaver. 

Testimonial from S.H., Portland, Oregon

Goals of this workshop:

Improve your online teaching techniques to improve your client’s experience! To do this you need to learn new skills. This is not just a switch to video; this is a whole new way of teaching. You are responsible for creating an oasis for your people – a safe, loving, warm, learning environment where your clients get a break from their stressful day – and create relationships with others in class. When you do this, your students are excited about your classes, they tell their friends, and they can’t wait to come back! You fill your classes and make more money!

The number one thing I have learned from zooming, is the importance of clear verbal cueing. In fact I recently had a client have a technology issue and we did an entire session over the phone! What do you do when your client can’t see you very well, say they are tuning in on their phone or iPad?

It is your responsibility to be able to teach them using your words. We will be using breakout rooms, so you can practice your verbal cuing (including the “positive sandwich”) with each other.

Who do you know who teaches dance classes? Have you (or a family member) taken a dance class from a studio, either here in Portland, or elsewhere? I have developed a brand new program that I am excited to share with the dance community, and I need your help.

Would you be willing to introduce me to a dance instructor?

This could be any type of dance, from ballet, ballroom, bachata, salsa, swing, Jazzercise, or Zumba (to name a few). Teaching classes virtually is a whole different animal than teaching in a studio. I want to share my tips for success with other instructors.

You can help me in two ways:

1. Forward this post to your instructor.
2. Share this post on social media.

foam roller workshop May 16th

Foam Roller “Top Ten” Workshop

Do you suffer from tight, sore muscles? Want to feel relaxed, stretched, and destressed? Join us Saturday May 16th and learn an easy, at home, myofascial release program to keep your muscles supple. Together we go through Fluid’s “Top Ten” foam roller exercises that include release work, stabilization, strength exercises, and balance training.

Sign up here! (under the workshops tab)

* We will be using 36 x 6 inch inch round rollers (like this) for this class.* Contact me if you need a foam roller. I have used ones available for loan, and new ones for sale. (503) 705-4762

Who: you!
What: 90 minute movement workshop.
When: Saturday May 16th, from noon to 1:30.
Where: From the comfort of your own home! All classes and workshops are now virtual!
How much: One person for $35, two people attending the same workshop for $60.

Click here to sign up today!

You will find this class under the “workshops” tab (not the weekly class schedule).

Better Balance Workshop Saturday April 18th

Click here to sign up for Better Balance Saturday April 18th!

If you’ve been doing The April Five with us this month you should be getting familiar with the Rolling to Standing exercise. Why are these types of mobility exercises important? The chances of us falling increase as we age. By practicing getting up and down from the ground effortlessly, we become skilled at falling. If we stay loose as we fall, we can minimize the change of serious injury like a broken bone.

Want to improve your balance? Join us for Fluid’s Better Balance Workshop Saturday April 18th!

  • Who: you (and your friends!)
  • What: 90 minute class. Be prepared to move your body. This is not necessarily a sweaty workout, but wear comfy clothes, like sweats or yoga pants.
  • When: Saturday April 18th from noon to 1:30
  • Where: From the comfort of your own home! All classes and workshops are now virtual!
  • How much: One person for $35, two people for $60.

Click here to sign up on Dance With Joy’s website.

Head over to Dance With Joy’s website to preregister. you will find the class under the “workshops” tab. Questions? Call me (503) 705-4762

Three Tips For Staying Healthy

The coronavirus has arrived in Portland. What does that mean for you and me? For me, this means a wonderful opportunity to communicate with you about self care. What can you do to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy?

  1. Frequent hand washing. First, and most important – wash your hands! I am asking everyone to wash their hands when they enter the studio. This is a great habit to get into. Come home from the grocery store – wash your hands. Just walked the dog – wash your hands. Used the restroom – wash your hands. About to prepare food – for sure wash your hands. You get the idea. How you wash and the length of time you spend washing is important. I’m not talking like you told your kid to wash up for dinner and he showed his hands to the faucet for .5 seconds. Really get in there with soap and water, working your fingernails, in between each finger, the front and back of your hands, and your wrists, for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Regularly disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, computer keyboards, and your phone. You can use disinfectant wipes, or 70% alcohol, or a vinegar and water solution (see below for recipes).
  3. Stay home if you are sick. Sniffle, runny nose, tickle in your throat, feeling extra tired, and not sure if it’s allergies or a cold? Don’t chance it – stay home.

If you have not yet checked out The Five videos, NOW is the time! Each video is only $5! The whole year’s worth of the Five are up, that’s a catalog of 60 exercises! I also have thumb drives here with the whole series so if you don’t want to sign up for Vimeo I am happy to drop one of these babies off at your house or pop one in the mail to you.

Want to join us for a virtual class? As of Monday March 16th we are going live baby! All you need is a small amount of space, some optional gear, and an internet connection. Email me at to get in on a virtual class this week!

If you would like help strategizing your self care plan, or need to discuss your schedule give me a call. (503) 705-4762

Want more info? Here are some helpful links:

Click here for the latest recommendations from the CDC. Make your own disinfecting wipes here. And here’s a recipe for a vinegar based spray. Click here to see how to make your own homemade hand sanitizer with alcohol and aloe. And here is the silliest hand washing video you will ever see.