*FREE* Guided Meditation Saturday January 23rd at 11 am

Join us this Saturday at 11, as we practice our circular breath.

Focusing your attention on your breath has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a sense of calm.

Please use my phone number as the meeting ID: 5037054762

Call or email me Anne@Fluidportland.com if you have any questions.

Those of you who have attended our yoga, Barre, Pilates or Energy Flow classes this month have experienced a short version of this meditation. This Saturday we will do a 20-30 minute variation.

Things seem extraordinary, novel, chaotic and out of control right now. One idea that is bringing me some peace is that we have gone through this before, and we made it!

The flu pandemic from 100 years ago, changes in political leaders, even violence and unrest in our town. While this feels catastrophic right now, could this be a loop that has happened before and will happen again? You know, time is a flat circle, reincarnation, deja vu. Even if none of these concepts resonate with you, would you be willing to sit with us for 20-30 minutes (or however long you like) and focus on your breath?

When the world feels out of control, your breath is one thing you do have control over.

I record these (audio only) so you may tune in with your video on or off, and you may mute yourself if you like.

Here are a few of our past meditations:

Happy New Year!

It’s been a roller coaster of a year!

My goal is to do less this year. Less stress, less to do listing, less worrying. I also want more – more play, more connecting and more FUN!!!

Watch this 5 minute video and let me know what you need from me in 2021.



Gratitude Meditation to Calm Anxiety

Looking for a simple way to de-stress? Come sit with us!

This month our focus is gratitude. I guide you through about 45 minutes of breathwork and mindfulness. No meditation experience needed.

  • What: Gratitude meditation
  • When: Saturday November 14th at 11 am
  • Where: From the comfort of your own home, on Zoom
  • Why: Reduce stress, calm your anxiety, and improve sleep
  • Who: You! (please invite your friends)
  • How: Go to Zoom and type my phone number as the meeting ID: 5037054762

See you Saturday!


Fluid Face Masks Now Available!

The latest in Fluid fashion has arrived! Thanks to our resident seamstress Alice (she’s the one who makes all my crazy leggings). Thick, double sided material, with an adjustable strap on each side. Two sizes, small and large, and a variety of blues and greens to choose from.

Please call or email to arrange delivery or shipping. (503) 705-4762 Anne@FluidPortland.com