Live Interview With Elise Holcombe – Whole Body Health

Join us live as we chat with Elise Holcombe about whole body health!

Elise is probably the only Registered Nurse who can’t stand the sight of blood! She figured this out pretty quickly and was fortunate to discover an amazing career in the Clinical Research Industry. She spent 25 years leading global teams in bringing new pharmaceuticals and devices to market. 

About 10 years ago Elise discovered her passion – body building. This sparked a journey into natural health and something called biohacking to enhance physical performance. The more she learned, the stronger her desire grew to help people become healthier.

In 2019 Elise retired from the pharmaceutical research industry to open OsteoStrong – a health and wellness center that focuses on helping people all over Portland get better bones, better strength, and better balance in just 10 minutes, one day per week. 

Tune in Friday October 1st at 3 pm to find out what she thinks we may be neglecting when it comes to whole body health.

Topic: Live Interview with Elise Holcombe
Time: Oct 1, 2021 03:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Getting Your Sh!t Together

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that life is valuable, love is the answer, and that your leadership is needed. It’s important to take a breath, step back from the business of life, and think about what matters most to you.

Because we care about you and your wellbeing, Heather Stewart, Kristie Hill, and I have gotten together to create a FREE workshop series called Getting Your Sh!t Together.

We’d love for you to join us for these three 30-minute FREE workshops where you’ll learn some simple tools to help you prioritize YOU and find balance in your Career Health, Physical Health, and Financial Health. 

We will be the only ones on video so feel free to eat your lunch, go for a walk, or fold laundry while we chat about some ways to prioritize YOU.

Workshop information:

  • 9/30/2021 12-12:30pm PT: In our first workshop, Heather will discuss burnout and some simple suggestions to find balance between your personal and professional life.
  • 10/07/2021 12-12:30pm PT: In our second workshop, Anne will discuss common misperceptions around how best to take care of our physical bodies.
  • 10/14/2021 12-12:30pm PT: In our third workshop, Kristie will discuss financial health. What we do with our money and Why; building strategy and intention into our financial behaviors and goals.

Are you doing work that aligns with your vision of success? Are you taking care of yourself in a way that honors your physical being? Have you dreamed about what college for your kids or retirement for you could look like? If so, please join us for these FREE 30-minute workshops!

Click this link to register today!

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Want to know a bit more about these ladies?

Anne McCranie is a personal trainer, licensed massage therapist and nutrition coach. She loves helping busy women build strength, improve flexibility, and reduce stress so they can look and feel their best! In her workshop, we are going to discuss common misperceptions around how best to take care of our physical bodies.

Heather Stewart is an executive and career coach who is dedicated to helping women identify their priorities and to boldly embrace their own personal vision of success. In her workshop, we’re going to discuss how you take some simple steps to take care of yourself while doing all the things for all of the people (hint: it may involve saying NO).

Kristie Hill is a financial advisor who develops enduring relationships with her clients by providing expert guidance. She focuses on helping her clients identify their definitions of financial security and solutions that can help make those financial goals a reality. In her workshop, she’ll share some quick tweaks which can make a big impact on how you think about money, and how you save and spend that money.

*LIVE* Interview With Jenna Roberts – How Do You Listen to Your Intuition?

What does the word intuition mean to you?

Do you feel you have an inner voice guiding you?

Have you ever ignored your spidey sense, then later regretted it?

Whether it is telling you “no, get outta here”, or “this is the correct path, proceed”, your intuition is always telling you something, your task is to listen and interpret these messages.

Check out our recent interview with Jenna Roberts to learn how you can use your inner guide to help you make the best choices around food, shopping, even dating.

*LIVE* Interview with Nedra Rezinas

Feeling icky about Social Media, burned out on Newsletters, and tired of Zoom calls that have no meaning? Watch the video below to learn Nedra’s tips for setting boundaries. Free up your time and be less stressed out!

I’ve gotten to know Nedra over the past few years through her Wonder Women in Business meetup group. She is super knowledgeable about all things website, tech, and social media, and she is always learning new things. In a recent meeting she said “Be curious, things are always changing”. This was a great lesson for me.

Chatting with Nedra is like talking to an old friend. She has mastered the art of being productive and driven, always connecting with new people, while staying relaxed and easy going.

Nedra Rezinas

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*LIVE* Interview With The Founder Of Equal Ground School Saturday December 5th

Good things are happening during the pandemic. New ideas, new ways of working, and new ways of learning.

Check out our interview with Tim Morita of Equal Ground School.

He and his business partner have created an outdoor learning center in the driveway of his Northeast Portland home.

I saw his story in this Willamette Week article, and wanted to learn more.
From the article:

Morita and his business partner Aaron Allison rented a tent and portable toilet; bought desks, chairs, plastic dividers, an air filtration system as well as heaters; hired two tutors; and installed high-speed internet all on their own dime—about $15,000 a month, to be precise. Morita credits “effective altruism”—using one’s own capital to better the lives of others—as his determination for this experiment, which he hopes to run until the end of the school year.

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