April Five Exercises For Core Strength, Balance

I was in Astoria last weekend and the weather was so nice we were able to do a photo shoot on the beach! Here are your April Five. For full written descriptions of these moves click here.

Could you do one minute of these exercises every day this week?

Warrior II:

Anne Warrior II April 2016

Leg Pull Back:

Anne Leg pull 2 April 2016

Swan Dive:


Anne Swan Dive 1 April 2016


Anne Swan Dive 3 April 2016

Double Leg Kick:

Anne double leg kick 1 blue April 2016

Anne double leg kick 2 blue April 2016

Rolling Like a Ball:

Anne Rolling 1 April 2016

Anne Rolling 2 April 2016


Anne McCranie is a Portland (Sellwood), Oregon based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. She offers these photos to remind you of the work you have done with her. Please see your medical professional prior to beginning a new exercise program.

December Five Exercises For Core Strength, Improved Balance, And Spine Flexibility

It’s December 5th. Have you been doing your December Five?

This month we tackle challenging moves that require core strength, and hamstring and hip flexibility. Please use your best discretion and modify as needed to keep your body happy and pain free.

The photos below are meant to jog your memory of the work we have done together. For a full description of these exercises click here. Want to see these moves in person? Join one of Anne’s ongoing classes, or schedule a one on one session.


The December Five


Cat/ Cow:

Marnie Cat 12.15


Open Leg Rocker:

Maddie open leg rocker 3 Nov 2012


Anne crow 12.14

Warrior III:

Anne Warrior III 11.14


Sharon Bow 12.15


Anne McCranie is a Portland (Sellwood), Oregon based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. She offers weekly classes, one on one sessions, and seasonal hikes and outdoor adventures. Contact her to schedule your complimentary consultation today! (503) 705-4762

Celebrate Summer Solstice With Anne This Sunday June 21st – Yoga Basics 9:15 am

The first ever International Day of Yoga is this Sunday June 21st, which also happens to be the official start of summer (yay!). Roll out your mat with me this Sunday morning. This gentle, basic yoga class is suitable for all levels. Please go to Sellwood Yoga’s online scheduler to preregister.

Anne meditation crop


Who: You and your yoga minded friends.

What: Yoga basics – a 75 minute yoga class that incorporates gentle movement, standing balance, flexibility and breath work.

When: 9:15 am, Sunday June 21st.

Where: Sellwood Yoga – 7970 S.E. 13th Ave, Portland, Or.

Why: To celebrate the sun! And start your summer off right.


Hope to see you then!


Anne McCranie is a Portland (Sellwood) Oregon based personal trainer, Pilates and yoga instructor, and Licensed Massage Therapist. She offers weekly classes, as well as private personal training and massage therapy sessions, often combining elements of movement + massage to best meet her clients needs. Questions about this class or other classes on the schedule? Call her (503) 705-4762.

June Five Exercises – Leg Strength And Balance, Chest Stretch And A Very Challenging Pilates Move

The June five are up! Here Anne and her lovely fitness models demonstrate the moves. For a full description please click here.

These photos are meant to jog your memory. If you are new to this type of movement or recovering from an injury please use caution (especially with the roll over). Questions? Contact Anne to schedule a one on one session or pop in to one of her weekly classes by clicking the “schedule an appointment”  or “view class schedule” buttons on the right ->

1) Goddess Pose (Wide Leg Squat):

Anne wide legged squat riverside park 6.10

2) Reverse Warrior:

Michelle Reverse Warrior 6.15


Michelle Reverse Warrior 2 6.15

3) Calf Raise:

Calf Raise 6.13


Calf Raise 2 6.13

4) Roll Over:

Anne roll over 5.13

Anne roll over 2 5.13

5) Desert Cactus:

Kathleen Desert cactus 6.15

Memorial Day Yoga Class Schedule

Yes we are doing yoga this Monday! Are you off for the holiday? Join us for 5:30-6:30 pm Vinyasa Flow Monday May 25th here at Fluid World Headquarters.

Anne side angle 2 12.14 crop

Other classes happening this week (all classes held here at 1644 S.E. Clatsop Street unless otherwise noted):

  • Wednesday 9:15 am Pilates at Sellwood Yoga
  • Wednesday 6:30 pm Pilates Mat
  • Thursday 9 am Restorative Yoga
  • Thursday 6 pm Energy Flow
  • Saturday 9 am Pilates Mat
  • Saturday 12:15 Pilates at Sellwood Yoga (I am subbing for Jodi)

All classes are suitable for all levels. Please reserve your spot by clicking the “view class schedule” box to the right ->


Questions? Call Anne (503) 705-4762


Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She offers weekly classes and quarterly workshops including Pilates, Yoga, TaiChi, Healthy Feet, Low Back Care, and Stress Relief. Call her today to find out how to join an ongoing class or start your own small group.