Weekly classes with Anne McCraine

Do you love working out with a small group of fun, supportive women? Join one of Fluid’s ongoing weekly classes.

New class times for fall – all evening classes start at 6 pm, daytime classes 10 am. 

Here’s our September 2020 weekly class schedule with descriptions below: 

  • Monday 6:00 pm R.O.S.S.® Yog
  • Wednesday 6:00 pm R.O.S.S. Pilates
  • Thursday 10:00 am R.O.S.S. – Strength and Mobility
  • Thursday 6:00 pm Energy Flow 
  • Saturday 10:00 am R.O.S.S. Barre 

Drop-in to a single class, or join Fluid’s Fit Club!

Questions?  Contact me directly:

Tune in live from anywhere with our virtual classes! All you need is a yoga mat, a laptop (or other device), and an internet connection.

We often use weights, tennis balls, bands, small and large balls, and foam rollers. No weights? No worries. Check your kitchen or garage for solutions. A large bag of rice provides dynamic load, meaning the weight shifts when you use it, and improves your grip strength. A sand bag can be a soothing post-yoga relaxation tool when rested on your belly. Jugs of water or cans of soup also work as hand weights. I’ve got my grannie’s antique marble rolling pin, which makes for an excellent quad roller. Raid your dog’s toy bin for (hopefully cleanish) tennis balls to use as massage tools.

If you need any gear, or ideas on how to set up your home gym please contact me.

Weekly classes with Anne McCraine
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R.O.S.S. Yoga:

Improve your balance and build muscular strength in this alignment based Hatha yoga class. We include gentle release work, organization, and strength exercises (using weights and bands), and end with a guided meditation.

R.O.S.S. Pilates:

Strengthen your core, and improve your spine, hip, and shoulder mobility. We incorporate Joseph Pilates’ basic matwork with standing balance and strength exercises, all following Anne’s trademarked R.O.S.S. protocol.

Energy Flow:

Improve your mood, your balance, and joint function with these flowing, graceful Tai Chi  based movements. After class you will feel stronger and calmer, and sleep like a baby!

R.O.S.S. Barre:

Strengthen your legs, back, and core while improving your balance and muscular endurance. In this fun, faster paced, strength and cardio class we use light weights, small balls, and bands to tone the entire body. This is our most “intense” class, as far as a sweaty workout.

R.O.S.S. Strength and mobility:

Who is Ross? R.O.S.S.® ain’t a who, she’s a what, baby! This is a brand new class as of spring 2020. We focus on shoulder and hip mobility, and work through Anne’s trademarked program to reduce pain, improve posture and balance and build strength!

I take yoga strength and also a Pilates class at Fluid Movement and love them both.  The classes help me de-stress and strengthen. Since starting these classes my blood pressure has improved as well as my strength and flexibility. Anne presents various levels of each move or tailors as needed to your level helping to strengthen, stretch and tone without injury. In addition, there’s a great camaraderie in the classes which are delivered in a low key Sellwood environment.

Last but not least, Anne’s colorful descriptions of how to picture yourself in each move (imagine you’re a piece of toast in the toaster, or button that vest!) serve to both assist and entertain! I can’t recommend it enough.

~ S.A.W.

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