Hike with Anne!

Join me for a waterfall hike this summer!

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  • Who: You, me, and our friends.
  • What: 3-10 mile hikes varying in length and difficulty.
  • When: Weekends this summer.
  • Where: Various locations, most will be within an hours drive of Portland
  • Why: Get outdoors, move your body, enjoy nature, meet new people!
  • How: Read our newsletters for the next hike date and location.

My goal is to do a long (10-12 mile) hike by the end of October. In July we started with smaller, 3-5 mile hikes. This month were shooting for 7 milers and I’d love for you to join me!

If getting out in the woods in search of waterfalls sounds like fun, keep your eyes peeled here for the upcoming hike schedule and locations. Most of these will be on Sundays. I may do a few weekday hikes for those of you with a flexible schedule.

To join one of these hikes, please text or email me 24 hours prior to the hike so that we will know to look for you.

(503) 705-4762


Please be advised: YOU are in charge of you.

Before venturing out please read the description of the hike to make sure it is suitable for you right now.

Our first few hikes will be easier, as the months progress we will do harder and longer hikes.

The pace will be set by whoever shows up that day. One week we may have a chatty group of slowpokes, the next we may have a more quiet, faster group. By “group” I mean, it could be you n me, or a couple other people. I will walk with the slowest person in the group.

We will be doing mostly out and backs, so at any point you can decide to stop and wait or rest. Some of the hikes will be loops.

Please do not depend on me for medical care. I suggest you pack the hikers 10 and at the very least bring water, snacks, and dress in layers. Expect to be out of cell range.

If you’re interested in getting outdoors, meeting new people and having an adventure this is for you!

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