Solstice Meditation December 18th

Tuesday December 21st is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day (and longest night) of the year.

Celebrate this time with us! Watch the recording of our live solstice meditation from Saturday December 18th.

Our December meditation theme is slowing down, and listening to your intuition. At the end of all of our fitness classes we do a 5 minute guided meditation where sit quietly and ask our internal guide “what do I need right now?”.

If the idea of listening to your intuition seems daunting, no worries, you can strengthen your listening skills just as you would strengthen your biceps, by repetitive practice. Join us for one of our live zoom classes, and do this short meditation with us, or tune in to our 30 minute session on Saturday the 18th.

Why celebrate the solstice?

For ancient cultures, the winter solstice was seen as a time of rebirth, or new beginning, often celebrated with festivals and rituals.

You’ve most likely heard of the German yule log. Did you know about these other mid winter traditions?

Iranians gather at the house of the oldest relative to eat, drink and read poetry, feasting on nuts, pomegranates and watermelon.

In Japan the custom is to soak in a hot yuzu, or citrus fruit bath. This is thought to boost your immune system, so that you will not catch a cold during the winter.

I love rituals that encourage sharing good food with friends and family, and relaxing.

If slowing down sounds good to you right now, listen to our meditation from Saturday December 18th as we sit and contemplate this special time of year.

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