F.I.T. Functional Interval Training Class This Friday at 9 am

Are you off this week? Come on down to FIT Class Friday at 9 am at Sellwood Yoga’s Align Fitness Studio.




The hour will fly by as we start with Pam’s signature warm up, followed by quick one minute intervals using weights, bands, kettlebells and our own body weight (think lunge rows, burpies, squat kicks..). We finish with core work (of course) and long luxurious stretches for your hips, shoulders, back and legs.  A fun and fast workout that will leave you feeling sweaty, strong and stretched!

Who: You

What: FIT Class – cardio and strength intervals

When: Friday March 29th, 9 am to 10 am

Where: Align Fitness Studio *(see note below)

Why: To look and feel your best!


Preregister for class here: http://sellwoodyoga.com/

This is a one time gig for me not a regular class that I teach. I am subbing for Pam who is on vacation this week.


About Align Fitness studio: This is the newly opened sister studio to Sellwood Yoga. It is located upstairs in the same building as the bike shop, Sellwood Cycle Repair. You enter the building through a door on North Side using a key code. (If you stand on the southwest corner of 13th and Miller and turn around and look back at the big brick red colored building behind you it is the door on the right).


Call Anne for the code or with any questions about the class (503) 705-4762.