January Facebook Contest – New Year’s Resolutions

Last month I challenged you to post your food photos on Fluid’s facebook page. For posting a photo of her yummy homemade cobbler Jane won herself a massage gift certificate. Congratulations Jane!

This month – New Year’s Resolutions!

Post your New Year’s resolutions by January 31st and you could win a thirty minute personal training session with Anne.

What are you letting go of? What new habit have you added? Are you working towards a fitness goal? Maybe you are tweaking your schedule to allow for more fun, relaxation, or time with family? Tell me about it.

Personally I am continuing my pull up challenge. My goal is to be able to do one unassisted pullup (without jumping) by the end of the year. I also tend to be a worrier so when I hear the little monkey in my brain start to go nuts I say “I don’t have to worry about this right now.” I’ll keep you posted on my progress…


Anne McCranie is a personal trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland Oregon. She works with her clients one on one and is small groups using a combination of movement + massage to aid in pain relief, assist in weight loss and build strength and flexibility. Contact her at (503) 705-4762 to schedule your consultation today.



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