National Walking Day April 2nd, 2014

The American Heart Association has designated Wednesday April 2nd 2014 as National Walking Day.

The AHA recommends 30-minutes of moderate activity, but three 10-minute periods of activity are as beneficial to your overall fitness as one 30-minute session. Walking and other physical activities can relieve tension, anxiety and depression. Walking can boost your immune system, improve your memory, and reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease.

Here are a few of their tips on how to get your co-workers and family members involved:

  • Invite a friend or family member to walk with you.
  • Encourage your employees to go for a thirty minute walk.
  • Change one of your meetings to a walking meeting and let your colleagues know why.

I shoot for 30 – 60 minutes of walking a day and am lucky enough to be able to walk most of my errands here in Sellwood. How can you make a daily walk part of your routine?

Join me for a walk this Wednesday at 10:15. Meet me at Sellwood Yoga (or better yet – join me for my 9:15 Pilates class there, followed by a walk).

Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She is always looking for walking buddies and can be reached at (503) 705-4762.