Pup Creek Falls Hike Sunday August 31st, 2014

Can you feel the days getting shorter and the nights cooler? Anybody else feeling the urge to get out while the getting is good?

Join us for an end of summer hike to Pup Creek Falls this Sunday August 31st. We are carpooling, leaving from Sellwood at 10 am (more info below).

Our last hike to Opal Creek in June was delightful despite getting sprinkled on. Here are some photos.

opal creek waterfall

We walked along the creek for part the hike and were surrounded by towering old growth Douglas Firs.

opal creek trees


opal creek waterfall big

This Sunday we head southeast to Clackamas county. This will be my first time to Pup Creek Falls. An out and back, we will take the Clackamas River Trail about 3.5 miles to the waterfall, then turn around. The total distance will be 7 + miles. We will move at a fairly leisurely pace and take plenty of rest and snack breaks.

Call Anne for more info. (503) 705-4762.

Anne McCranie is a Portland (Sellwood) Oregon personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. She loves to explore our bounty of beauty here in the Pacific Northwest. Before heading out please familiarize yourself with this hike and take full responsibility for your safety and comfort. Click here for REI’s “hiker’s ten essentials”. Prepare yourself with water and snacks, dress in layers, and wear appropriate footwear.