Sellwood Pilates Training | Southeast Portland Pilates Studio

If you suffer from tight shoulders and lower back pain, or you just don’t recover from your usual hiking, running or biking activities like you used to, Pilates can help you.

At Fluid Movement + Massage, we specialize in Pilates training to reduce pain and improve strength. Located in Southeast Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood, we provide neighborhood and new client discounts, so the time has never been better than now to sign up with us for Pilates strength training!

Pilates exercises use a combination of movement and breath work to strengthen your body from the inside out. Your core strength and overall flexibility can be improved in just a few custom sessions at our studio.

With a consistent Pilates practice, you will notice:

  • Improved balance
  • Stronger lower abdominals
  • Improved muscle strength and coordination
  • Increased range of motion and spinal mobility
  • Decreased lower back pain

We offer beginner to advanced Pilates training sessions built around your fitness level and goals. We also offer a variety of small group classes – check our calendar for current times.

Want to get started now? Try our monthly Fluid 5, quick and easy ways to tone up and improve your core strength in just minutes a day.