Stand Up Paddle Two for One Rental – One Week Only!

Gorge Performance is offering a two fer deal on a Stand Up Paddle rental this week only!

For $35 you get two boards, paddles and PFD’s for the day. No expiration on the certificate but you must rent the board Monday thru Thursday.  You can even walk the board down to Willamette Park to put in – just north of the shop.

I have no affiliation with the board shop other than I like these guys, they are just across the river on Macadam, and they took our group out for a fun lesson last summer on the Willamette (see photos).  Our group had loads of fun and you really get a full body workout – abs, legs, back, arms.  I think of this more like kayaking than surfing.  Plus the balance element – excellent for core strength!  We tried SUP in Hawaii this February but I was less successful at catching waves.  I prefer the relatively flat Willamette.

I would love to do another group paddle this summer – I’m thinking July or August so keep your eyes peeled here, or contact me if you are interested.  503-705-4762