The August Five

Fluid Movement & Massage offers five moves each month that incorporate yoga, Pilates, and strength exercises to help you build strength and increase your flexibility.

1) Lion Drinking


From hands and knees, inhale as you slowly bend your elbows to lower your nose towards the ground. Exhale to press back up (this is a smaller move than a push up, keep your back flat and shoulders wide.

2) Thread the Needle

From hands and knees, inhale as you extend right arm out to the side. Exhale and reach under your left arm, look to the left. Spine twist, hip stabilization.

3) Bridge

Lying on your back. Exhale as you press into your heels and curl your pelvis up towards the ceiling. Inhale here then exhale to slowly lower back down. Spine articulation.

4) Scissors

On your back. Round head and shoulders off the mat and hold on behind your right leg, extend left leg out away from you. Inhale and drag your left leg towards you, exhale and switch legs. Active hamstring stretch, hip and shoulder stabilization.

5) Yoga Dancer

Stand on your left foot and extend your left arm to the ceiling (or hold on to a wall for balance).  Hold your right foot with your right hand or a strap and gently pull your foot straight back behind you allowing your hip and quad to stretch.