The July Five


Each month I assign my clients five exercises to work on everyday. Last month we did a leg focus. This month we work upper body, core, standing balance, and a hip stretch. Here are a few of my yoga ladies demonstrating these exercises. Try going through these once on your own this week and let me know if you have any questions. For more details descriptions of these exercises click here.

1) Criss Cross

Right elbow to your left knee. Switch sides.

2) Medicine Ball Push Up:

One hand on a medicine ball. 5 – 10 push ups, then switch hands.

3) Big Twist:

Press up into a side bend.

Twist your feet and reach under (like a one armed down dog). *Note this third photo is taken from the other side.

Slowly lower back to the ground.

This is the most complicated of the five – I am happy to show you this personally the next time I see you.


4) Warrior III:

Stand on one leg, lift back leg, shoulders down.

5) Pigeon:

From hands and knees, slide your right knee forward and slowly lower your hips.


If you have tight hips place a block or pillow under your hip for support. If you feel pain in your knee stop immediately. You should feel this stretching your hip.

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