The October Five Exercises

Several of my clients volunteered to pose as fitness models this week. Thanks ladies!

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Shoot for one minute of each of these moves every day this month.

The October Five

1) Plank Rows:

  • Start in a plank position holding 5-8 lb weights, with legs as wide as your mat.
  • Exhale and pull right elbow towards the ceiling, lifting the weight off the ground.  Inhale to slowly lower back down.
  • Switch sides (shoulders and hips do not move, back stays flat).
  • Back and shoulder stabilization and strength.

Jenny Plank Rows 2 8.14

Jenny Plank Rows 10.14

Ned Plank Rows 10.14

Ned Plank Rows 2 10.14


2) Seated Yoga Twist:

  • Sit up tall, bend your right knee and draw your right heel in towards you.
  • Twist towards your right knee, look over your right shoulder.
  • Hold one minute, and then switch sides.
  • Spinal twist, hip stretch.

Kate Seated Twist Jan 2013

Kate Seated Twist January 2013

3) Pilates Leg Circles:

  • Start lying on your back with feet on the ground.
  • Lift your left leg (knee can be bent or straight).
  • Make ten small circles with your leg, keeping hips still.
  • Switch directions, and then switch legs.
  • Hip stabilization.

Maddie Leg Circles 1. Jan 2013

Maddie Leg Circles 2. Jan 2013

4) King Arthur:

  • Come into a low lunge with your right foot in front, right knee over your ankle.
  • Rest your left knee on the ground behind you.
  • Hold one minute each side.
  • Hip stretch.

Michelle R King Arthur 10.14

Here’s another version more suitable for sensitive knees:

Bridgget King Arthur modified 10.14

5) Eagle:

  • Version 1: Stand on your right leg.  Bend your knees and rest your left foot on top of your right foot.  Cross your arms in front, giving yourself a big hug.
  • Version 2: From chair pose, cross your left leg over your right and wrap your left foot around the back of your right ankle, squeezing legs together. Slide your left elbow under your right and twist your arms bringing palms together.
  • Hold one minute each side (do the modified version if this causes knee pain).
  • Stretches shoulders and upper back.  Strengthens legs, improves balance.

So many great Eagle poses – I couldn’t pick just one! Here using the wall for support:

Alice Eagle front 10.14

Alice Eagle 10.14Team M + M:

Mo. Michelle R. Eagle 10.14

Maureen eagle 10.14

And another more knee friendly variation:

Bridget Eagle 10.14

Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based Personal Trainer, Pilates and Yoga instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist. This post is meant to jog your memory about moves we have done together either in class or in a private training session. Please see your health care professional prior to beginning a new exercise program.