Columbia Gorge Fires – What Can You Do?

The fires blazing throughout Oregon got personal this week with the Eagle Creek blaze. Communities in Hood River County Oregon, and Skamania Washington were evacuated, and thick smoke and ash blanketed Portland. While heartbreaking to watch, I am hopeful that soon the winds will change, the rains will come (possibly tonight?) and firefighters will be able to contain this blaze before more damage is done.

So what can you do? First, stay inside. This is not the time to exercise outdoors.

  • If you do want to get in a workout how bout a swim? Here is a list of Portland Parks and Rec’s indoor pools (my favorites are Southwest and Mt. Scott).
  • Join us for a class! The studio is air conditioned and we have room for you tonight in Pilates, Thursday night Energy Flow, and Saturday morning Pilates.
  • Do a strength session at your office. Here’s a travel workout video I shot for a client who wanted standing exercises that could be done with minimal equipment.

Looking to help? Donate to these groups:

Friends of the Columbia Gorge helps with search and rescue. Red Cross is housing displaced residents. Once the fires die out Trailkeepers Of Oregon will need help rebuilding trails.