Drink This Health Tonic And Prevent Colds And Flu

Anybody have sick kids? After just one week back to school several of my parents reported children (and sometimes adults) coming home with pink eye, colds, the flu, and strep throat. Your exposure to germs goes up when you are surrounded by large groups of people –  schools, airports, hospitals – but why is it that some people are more prone to sickness than others?

Louis Pasteur allegedly stated on his deathbed: “The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

By strengthening your immune system you are less likely to catch what is going around this season. My healthy winter plan includes frequent hand washing, daily physical activity, drinking bone broth, eating loads of fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, using a neti pot, and staying away from sick people.

Speaking of sick people…I do appreciate your wanting to keep your scheduled appointment with me however if you are running a fever, vomiting, or are in the first 48 hours of a contagious disease like a cold or the flu please stay home and rest (or call your medical professional). We will reschedule your appointment for when you are feeling better.

I just made a batch of this health tonic and once it is “cooked” will be taking a few spoonfuls a day. What are your winter health strategies?

Master Tonic ingredients

Master Tonic Recipe

Things you will need:

  • garlic
  • white onion
  • jalapeno pepper
  • serrano pepper
  • ginger root
  • horseradish
  • 32 oz apple cider vinegar
  • honey
  • large jar with lid

Peel (if needed) and chop equal parts garlic, onion, jalapeno and serrano peppers, ginger root, and horseradish. I used my food processor for this.

Master Tonic chop 10.13

Place the chopped veggies in a large jar and fill with apple cider vinegar. Cap it and place it in a dark place (or in a brown bag on your kitchen counter). Once a day give it a shake. After 10 – 14 days open it, strain the liquid (the veggies can be used in a stir fry, salad dressing, or soup) and add honey to your liking. Take a few spoonfuls every day. If you do feel a cold coming on take a few spoonfuls every couple of hours.

Master Tonic finished 10.13

*please use caution when handling raw peppers, wear gloves if you have sensitive skin and for God’s sake do not touch your eyes or any other body part after chopping these hot things!


Anne McCranie owner of Fluid Movement + Massage LLC is a personal trainer and licensed massage therapist living and working in Sellwood (Portland, Oregon). This recipe is intended to spark your interest in natural health remedies. Please see your health care provider for specific dietary or medical advice.

Anne can be reached at (503) 705-4762