Go RED For Women Friday February 3rd

Friday February 3rd is National Wear Red Day part of the American Heart Association’s campaign for heart attack and stoke education and prevention.

Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds. The good news is 80 percent of cardiac and stroke events may be prevented with education and action. So what can you do?

1. Know your numbers.

While some risk factors like age and heredity are out of your control, there are factors that you can manage, including maintaining a healthy weight, and managing your stress.

2. Maintain a strong support network.

This may include your medical professionals, mental health counselor, spouse, or the ladies in your Pilates class. Who can you go to for information, support, or to blow off steam at the end of the day?

3. Take Action.

What one thing can you do today to improve your heart health? Can you meet a buddy for a lunch time walk? Pick out one healthy recipe (I have loads of them here, just click the recipes tab to the right) to make this weekend, sit for five minutes and focus on your breath?

How can I support you as you take care of your heart?

And lastly, who needs me to bring them a red Fluid shirt? Sorry couldn’t help the shameless promotion. Plus the new shirts are super cute 🙂

Michelle Fluid shirt 1.17

Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. She offers one on one movement + massage sessions, and weekly classes at her Sellwood studio.