I’m Engaged!

This seems kinda weird to announce in a blog post, and also appropriate since so much of our lives are online these days, so… I’m officially engaged!!!

Since my sweetie is very much the opposite of me – he has zero online presence – I like to post about him every once in a while so that y’all believe that he is a real person, not a figment of my imagination. Like Sasquatch, he likes to hang out in the woods, he’s fuzzy, and he’s quiet.

We have been talking about getting married for some time now, so while this was not a surprise, he did want to make this a special experience that we would remember. He put a lot of thought into where he wanted to propose. We were wrapping up a relaxing week in the Bend area, in Eastern Oregon. The smell of juniper was in the air, and we could hear chirping birdies, and the relaxing sounds of the Deschutes from our condo.

We did several hikes along the river. We had mostly sunny and cool weather, one day it was downright balmy! The day of his proposal we had lunch in Sisters then drove west towards the Mackenzie river.

He remembered the observatory at the lava fields just west of Sisters as a lush, green mountain top with views for miles.

Due to recent forest fires this was our view.

It was freezing cold, windy and overcast; so much for our beautiful mountain views. It was memorable for sure!

He chose this weekend as it was our 5 year dateaversary, and I am also a big fan of Halloween. When we drove back thru Sisters, all the local kids were doing a daytime trick or treat down main street.

There could not have been a better end to this day! Good food, nature, trick or treaters, and spending time with my sweetie.

We did go back to the warmer, prettier riverfront condo to snap a few more photos.

And we had a lovely drive back home over Mt Hood. Look close and you can see these bungee jumpers we stumbled across at the Crooked River (we did not jump btw).

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  1. Congratulations to you both! It was very fun to follow the story with photos – I love central Oregon. Look forward to celebrating offline!

  2. Anne! Congratulations to you both. You did not mention your sweeties name. What a wonderful trip and yes it was romantic. Blessings and Good Fortunes in the coming years. Betho

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