January Five Exercises For Leg Strength, Core Strength And Spine Flexibility

I visited my family for Christmas and found out my 14 year old nephew has been doing yoga. He agreed to be my fitness model for this month’s Five. Here he is (in seventy degree Florida weather) demonstrating this month’s moves.

See if you can do one minute of each of these every day this month. Click here for a full description of these exercises.

Chair Pose

David Chair 1.16


David Chair two 1.16

Downward Facing Dog

David Down dog 1.16


David hundreds 1.16

Leg Circles

David leg circles 1.16

David leg circles two 1.16

Seated Twist

David Seated Twist 1.16

Anne McCranie is a Portland (Sellwood), Oregon based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. Please see your medical professional before beginning a new exercise program. Listen to your body and modify these moves as you need to.