Looking For Love

This month Anne is looking for love! Your love story, that is.

Did you know that your social connections can have as much of a positive effect on your health and well being as a good diet, and adequate sleep? Studies show that people who maintain healthy relationships live longer healthier lives. I regularly do this loving kindness meditation and when the woman on the recording says “think of someone who, the moment you think of them you feel happy” I think of my little buddy Jonah.

Anne n Jonah thanksgiving 2016

Who makes your heart sing? This can be your grandchild, sibling, spouse, dog, a random stranger. I would love to hear a few words about an experience you had with your special person, or just a feeling you have when you are around them. Share your love story on Fluid’s Facebook page or in the comments below. Want to see my love stories? Click here.

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