Should You Keep Your Appointment If You Are Sick?

It’s that time of year again. I’m getting reports from some of you about colds, and allergies that leave you feeling less than stellar. So what to do when you feel a scratchy throat, runny nose, cough or just a run down feeling coming on? Well push through of course and continue your regular schedule and hope that it goes away! I’M KIDDING!!! 🙂

If you are sick please stay home and rest.


I was recently at my girlfriend’s house and saw this on her fridge. It’s a helpful chart from her child’s preschool that shows when to keep the kids home. My favorite is the poop emoji (or maybe Mr. pukey next to it). While this chart clearly (and humorously) outlines when to keep your child at home, as adults, it is sometimes hard for us to decide how best to care for ourselves (are these symptoms from allergies, or a sinus infection, am I getting sick, or just dehydrated, or tired…).

Your best recovery strategy is rest. As my business is appointment based, I ask for 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment or class reservation. I also understand that sometimes emergencies happen, or maybe you felt fine in the morning but by 2 pm you are loosing steam. My goal is to strike a balance between setting clear boundaries, keeping a full schedule, and giving you the best experience possible.

If you are feeling run down, and considering staying home, please err on the side of caution so that we can all be happy and healthy this winter.

In the words of Daniel Tiger “when you’re sick, rest is best”


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