The April Five


1) Warrior II:

Anne Warrior II April 2016

(Side lunge with front knee bent, back knee straight)

  • Step right foot forward between your hands, step left foot back and press left heel firmly into the mat.
  • Stack your shoulders over your hips (hips and shoulders face the side wall) and reach arms out to the side.
  • Bend your front knee right over your ankle, as if your knee were looking over your front toes.
  • Hold for one minute then switch sides.
  • Hip stretch, balance, leg and back strength.

2) Leg Pull Back:

Anne Leg pull 2 April 2016

(Reverse plank with leg lift)

  • From seated, lift hips up into a reverse plank with hands under your shoulders and fingers facing forward.
  • Exhale as you lift your right leg a few inches off the ground; inhale as you lower your leg back to the ground. Alternate slow leg lifts for one minute, keeping hips stable.
  • Shoulder flexibility and strength, core strength, hip stabilization.

3) Swan Dive:

Anne Swan Dive 1 April 2016

Anne Swan Dive 3 April 2016

(Roll down the front side of your body with control)

  • Start from a plank position with knees down, hands under your shoulders.
  • Slowly roll your legs, pelvis, lower belly then lower ribs onto the mat.
  • Press through your hands and lift your belly as you lift back up to a neutral spine.
  • Keep abdominals turned on; think of getting longer instead of gripping with your glutes.
  • Strengthens spine extensors, arms, and tummy.

4) Double Leg Kick:

Anne double leg kick 1 blue April 2016

Anne double leg kick 2 blue April 2016

(Kick both heels to your bum, then extend arms, legs, and back)

  • On your tummy, hands behind your back, looking over your right shoulder.
  • Exhale as you kick both heels towards your bum, then inhale as you extend arms and legs and lift your chest off the mat.
  • Exhale, relax back down onto the mat, look to your left and let your elbows drop to your side.
  • Repeat alternating kicks, then back extension for one minute.
  • Shoulder and leg strength and flexibility, Back strength, coordination.


5) Rolling Like A Ball:

Anne Rolling 1 April 2016

Anne Rolling 2 April 2016

(rolling on your back with control)

  • From seated, lift your feet and hold on to either the backs of your legs or ankles.Knees turn out like a frog.
  • Slowly roll back onto your upper back, then back to seated without touching feet to the ground.
  • Pull your belly button to your spine to make your roll as smooth as possible.
  • Core strength, spine flexibility, control.

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