The August Five

Each month Fluid Movement & Massage offers five exercises to build strength and increase flexibility.

This month our theme is length!

Practice lengthening the front, sides, and back of your spine using whatever image works for you – the golden thread, actively reaching your head away from your tail, or the three domes.

Want a personal demo for these moves? Join one of Fluid’s weekly classes or call Anne to schedule a one on one session. (503) 705-4762.

Shoot for one minute of each of these today.


1) Lion Drinking:

  • From hands and knees, inhale as you slowly bend your elbows and reach the top of your head out, lowering your nose towards the ground.
  • Exhale to press back to your starting position (this is a smaller move than a push up).
  • Shoulder and hip stabilization, upper body strength.

Anne Lion Drinking p1 8.14

Anne Lion Drinking p2 8.14


2) Thread the Needle:

  • From hands and knees, inhale as you extend right arm out to the side.
  • Exhale and reach under your torso twisting and stretching your upper back. Switch sides.
  • Spinal twist, upper back stretch, hip stabilization.

Anne Thread Needle p1 8.14

Anne Thread Needle p2 8.14


3) Scissors:

  • On your back. Round head and shoulders off the mat and hold on behind your right leg, extend left leg out away from you (if your neck or hamstrings do not allow for this stick with the bent knee version shown below below, YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL NECK PAIN).
  • Inhale as you bring your left leg towards you and right leg away from you, exhale as you switch legs.
  • Active hamstring stretch, hip and shoulder stabilization, core strength.

Anne Scissors v1 8.14

Anne Scissors v2 8.14


4) Split Squat:

  • Stand at least two feet in front of a Swiss ball (have someone spot you if your balance is unsteady).
  • Rest your right foot on the ball behind you (you want a right angle at your front knee when you drop into your squat).
  • Keeping your spine long and belly pulled in, bend your front knee and allow the ball to roll back. Stand back up. One minute per side moving at your own pace.
  • Leg and back strength and flexibility. Balance training.


Split Squat 8.15

5) Tree:

  • Stand with feet together in Tadasana. Place your left foot on your right ankle (or inner thigh) and turn your left knee out to the side.
  • Hold for one minute, then switch sides.
  • Leg strength, hip flexibility, standing balance.

Tree 8.15

Tree 2 8.15


Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based Personal Trainer, Pilates and Yoga instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist. This post is meant to jog your memory about moves we have done together either in class or in a private training session. Please see your health care professional prior to beginning a new exercise program.

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