The December Five

Each month Fluid Movement & Massage offers five exercises to build strength and increase flexibility.

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We are finishing off 2016 with a bang! Several of the December Five are complicated multi joint moves involving twists, balance, and coordination. These should feel challenging, but not painful. Please use your best judgement as to your current fitness level, and modify moves as you need to. Shoot for one minute of each of these moves moving at your own pace.


1) Big Twist:

  • Sit on your right hip, right hand on the floor, right leg bent, left foot on the ground.
  • Part one: Press up onto your knee making a “banana” shape (side bend).
  • Part two: Press up to straight knees (in a side bend, not a plank).
  • Part three: Rotate and reach left arm under your right armpit. Slowly rotate back to your banana (don’t cheat and skip this part), then lower your hips back to the mat.
  • 3-4 each side.
  • Core strength, shoulder stabilization, coordination.





2) Open Leg Rocker:

  • From seated, pull belly button to your spine and round your back (keeping shoulders down).
  • Lift your feet, extend your legs and hold on to your ankles.
  • Look at your belly button, exhale and roll to your shoulders, then back up to balance on your hips.
  • Core strength, spine flexion, hamstring stretch.

Maddie open leg rocker 3 Nov 2012

Maddie open leg rocker 2 Nov 2012


3) Crow:

  • Squat down and place your hands on the ground hip distance apart (step feet onto a block if you like).
  • Engage your abdominals as you rest your shins on the backs of your upper arms.
  • Lift one foot, then the other. Hold here for five breaths.
  • Core strength, hip opener, and balance.

Anne crow 12.14

4) Warrior III/ Single Leg Dead Lift:

  • Stand with knees and toes facing forward.
  • Part one: lift your left leg, keeping hips level (flex left foot and aim your toes towards the ground).
  • Part two: Holding weights, shift your weight onto your right foot, lifting your back leg as you lower your weights toward the ground. Stand back up.
  • One minute each side.
  • Standing balance, hip and hamstring flexibility, back strength.




5) Bow:

  • On your tummy. Lift your belly button. Grab both feet and pull heels towards your hips.
  • Either stay here, or lift your feet to the ceiling, making a “bow” shape.
  • Quad, hip and shoulder stretch. Spine extension.


Sharon Bow 12.15


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