The June Five


1) Tai Chi Twist:

Anne twist 1 6.17

Anne twist 2 6.17

  • Stand with feet about hip distance apart.
  • Swing your arms from side to side, allowing your shoulders, hips, and legs to move.
  • Spine twist. Ankle, hip and shoulder mobility.

2) Calf Raise:

Anne calf raise edit 6.17

  • Stand on a yoga block.
  • Slowly lift and lower your heels ten times.
  • Strengthens whole posterior chain – calves, hamstrings, glutes.

3) Side Lunge:

Anne side lunge 1 6.17

Anne side lunge 2 6.17



  • Stand with feet a little wider than hip distance.
  • Shift your weight into your right leg as you bend your right knee.
  • Straighten legs and move hips back to center.
  • Reach up to the left, lifting your left leg if possible.
  • Ten each side.
  • Strengthens legs and hips, improves balance.

4) Hamstring Curl:

Anne ham curl 1 6.17

Anne ham curl 2 6.17

  • Stand tall. Bring your weight to your right leg and stretch left lag back behind you as you tilt forward.
  • Slowly kick right heel towards your bum, then extend your leg.
  • Ten each side.
  • Strengthens hamstrings, hips. Standing balance.

5) Calf Stretch:

Anne calf stretch 6.17

  • Stand facing a wall, right foot a little in front of left, both heels on the ground.
  • Slowly work your front knee closer to the wall, then back off.
  • Stretches ankles, calves.


Anne McCranie offers one on one training and weekly classes in her Sellwood studio. These exercise descriptions and photos are meant to jog your memory of the work we have done together. Please see your healthcare professional prior to beginning a new exercise program.

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