The October Five


Shoot for one minute of each of these moves every day this month.

1) Plank Rows:

  • Start in a plank position holding 5-8 lb weights, with legs as wide as your mat (wider legs makes this easier).
  • Exhale and pull right elbow towards the ceiling, lifting the weight off the ground. Inhale to slowly lower back down.
  • Switch arms, lift left and lower left arm (shoulders and hips do not move, back stays flat, hips low).
  • Back and shoulder stabilization and strength. Core strength.



Ned Plank Rows 10.14

Ned Plank Rows 2 10.14


2) King Arthur:

  • Make a low, parallel lunge with your right foot in front, right knee over your ankle.
  • Rest your left knee on the ground behind you.
  • Hold one minute, then switch sides.
  • Hip flexor, quad and psoas stretch.

Michelle R King Arthur 10.14

Here’s another version more suitable for sensitive knees:

Bridgget King Arthur modified 10.14

3) Tricep Dips:

  • Seated (on the floor, or on the edge of a bench if you have one available).
  • Hands behind you, fingers facing forward.
  • Bend your elbows straight back behind you. Straighten your arms, keeping shoulders down away from your ears.
  • Triceps strength. Arm, shoulder, hamstring, and core strength. Shoulder stabilization.

Tricep dips M M 2 10.15

Tricep dips M M 10.15


4) Burpies:

*This is a fairly complicated, multi joint exercise. If you suffer from hip, back, knee, or wrist issues please modify this move. You should not feel pain while doing this.

  • Stand at the top of your mat. Squat down and place your hands on the floor.
  • Step or jump back into a plank. Hold here, or throw in a push up if you are feeling saucy.
  • Step or jump feet back up to the top of your mat.
  • Keeping hips low, stand (or jump) up.
  • Cardio interval. Core, hip, leg, shoulder, arm, and chest strength.

Jenny burpies 2 10.15

Jenny burpies 3 10.15

Jenny burpies 2 10.15

Jenny burpies 1 10.15


5) Yoga Dancer:

  • Stand (near a wall if needed) on your left foot and extend your left arm.
  • Square your hips and shoulders to the front of the room.
  • Grab the inside of your right foot with your right hand. Gently press your foot straight back behind you.
  • Hold for one minute then switch sides.
  • Standing balance. Hip and quad stretch.



Anne Dancer v1 8.14


Anne Dancer v2 8.14




Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based Personal Trainer, Pilates and Yoga instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist. This post is meant to jog your memory about moves we have done together either in class or in a private training session. Please see your health care professional prior to beginning a new exercise program.


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