Wakanda Forever!

I’ve been feeling the sads this week. Since I’m usually a positive person, when I do feel depressed or anxious it really throws me for a loop. Right now it feels like things that should be easy are difficult, and the bad things that are happening will go on forever. My brain knows that this is not true but my little heat is like “brain, are you sure about this?”

I took myself off social media, took some work off my schedule, talked to people who care about me, and got out in nature. I started to feel a little better, but what helped me turn the corner yesterday was stumbling upon this video of Chawick Boseman.

If you don’t know, he was an actor who recently passed away. He was an inspiration to people across all ages and cultures. While undergoing cancer treatment he filmed 4 movies, and regularly visited sick children in the hospital. If he could stay positive through all this, I can stay positive thru the small things that have been putting a cramp in my style.

In this video is he gets to see and hear people thank him and talk about what he means to them and how his actions have positively impacted their lives. The young boy’s face right around the two minute mark… just watch it…

Who has made a positive impact on your life? Can you call your special person today and let them know?

YOU have made a positive impact on me, and I appreciate you!


  1. Anne – you are an amazing human and I appreciate the heck out of you! Thank you for having the courage to share your vulnerability with us. Brighter days are ahead. Big (air) hugs!!

  2. Anne, you are the best! This is a great blog statement and I really appreciate your openness and honesty. It is a great model for anyone who feels like they need to project a certain image. These are very challenging times, with more to come, and we all will feel scared, angry, confused, and helpless at times. Thank you for offering us a model of thoughtful openness as opposed to impulsive expression of feelings which may hurt others or inflame an already difficult situation. As I said, you are the best!

  3. Wow Marnie I wish I could articulate these feelings and thoughts as well as you did! Yup, these are challenging times. I’m thankful to have you in my life as you are a beacon of positivity and a shining example of how to gracefully navigate stressful or difficult situations.

  4. Anne, you’ve been my inspiration. We all have our own bad days and weeks. As I mentioned I pull the blanket over my head and sleep. But the next day I know I have a class and a special person who cares about me. I appreciate you sharing what we all are felling. It’s amazing how some people are so strong you ]gives me strength too help others. Thank you

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