YOU Are Invited To Join Our September Challenge 2019!

How are you doing with self care lately? Want to improve your sleep, get your diet back on track, or fine tune your fall exercise plan? The September Challenge is for you!

To hold your spot you must register by September 1st. Call (503) 705-4762, email, or message me using the box below. Please tell me what you are currently doing for self care, and what one thing you would like to improve? Don’t know the answer to these questions? Just email me and say “I want to take part in the challenge” and I will get right back to you (more details below…)


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September Challenge Details:

  • Who: YOU! And your people who want to be happier, healthier, and more connected to friends and family.
  • What: 30 day, self-directed, reset program. Recommit to taking good care of yourself by fine tuning your movement, getting quality rest, feeding yourself delicious, healthy meals, and strengthening your connections with others.
  • When: Sunday September 8th to Monday October 7th
  • Where: Anywhere! You complete the program online.
  • Why: So you can look and feel your best!


  1. How do I sign up? Call Anne today at (503)-705-4762.
  2. Do I need to live in Portland to participate?
    Nope, the challenge is communicated via email. In fact, I encourage you invite your out of town friends/ family.
  3. Do I need any special equipment? You will need some type of hand weights. I am happy to supply you with any gear you need.

Contact Anne to sign up today!
(503) 705-4762