*LIVE* Interview Saturday May 23rd with Chi Running Instructor Alice Diffely

Thanks Alice for sharing your insights on running form and safety! Check out our live interview below.

I first met Alice during one of her Chi Running workshops years ago. As you may have experienced, being coached by someone else, and then videotaped while you move gives you a whole new insight into whether “your” reality matches “the” reality. Spoiler alert – I was surprised to learn that I was not in fact swinging my arms and legs like she had instructed me, even though that is what it “felt like” I was doing.

In addition to running and walking coaching, Alice is a Registered Yoga Instructor, Certified TRE® Provider, and Original Strength® Certified Coach. She has lots of tools in her tool box that all lead to one point, improving your body awareness. She shares with us her tips on running safety (yes or no to masks, best practices for running outdoors) in these strange times.

If you suffer from knee, back, or hip pain after running or walking, Alice is here to help.

Alice shares some of her upcoming offerings:
• I’m available for virtual gait analysis. You can download the Coach’s Eye app and have a friend or family member use that to shoot a quick clip of you running or walking. It helps to get a sideview, and well as front & back views. E-mail me the video clip, and I’ll send you my analysis along with a few personalized form focus tips for your to work on.
• I’m available for Zoom sessions in yoga. I have a lot of experience teaching Yoga for Runners & Walkers, as well as Yoga for Athletes. For their past 4 competitive seasons, I’ve taught yoga to the Portland Winterhawks. I’m also available for Zoom sessions in TRE®, which stands for Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises. It’s a movement-based technique that enables your body to shake off accumulated stress and tension in order to down-regulate the nervous system and help bring it back into balance. Due to the pandemic, many of us are experiencing unprecedented stress on a variety of levels. I look forward to sharing this highly effective self-care tool with more individuals to help them find greater calm and more resilience during this challenging time.
• I’ll be offering Zoom classes through Portland Community College’s Community Education/Recreation & Wellness Department during their Summer Term and Fall Term. My Summer Term offering will be Yoga for Teen Athletes, intended for 12-17 year olds. My course proposals for Fall Term include Yoga for Runners & Walkers, a new course offering called TRE® & Yoga for a Calmer Nervous System, and potentially another section of the Yoga for Teen Athletes class.
• I also recently became an Original Strength® Certified Coach. The philosophy behind OS is that by revisiting movement patterns that we progressed through early in our lives, we’re able to press reset to rid ourselves of unhelpful movement habits and regain our ability to move in a more fluid, natural way. I integrate OS principles into a lot of my yoga teaching, and I look forward to offering some Facebook Live events or Zoom sessions soon to share this innovative approach with more clients.

Head over to Alice’s website here or facebook page here for more info.