*LIVE* Interview with Sam From Zen Focus Tech

On Saturday May 9th we chatted with Sam from Zen Focus Tech about how to get the most out of your technology right now!

Does your screen freeze during Zoom calls? Are you maxing out your system with you, your kids, and your spouse, all on the internet at once? Check out our latest interview to learn how to improve your internet speed, improve your productivity, and reduce your stress while you work from home.

Sam Rodriguez shares his tech tips for working from home

About Sam: Sam is a trained engineer with 16 years’ experience in IT, and 7 years’ experience teaching martial arts to teenagers and adults. This combination allows him to bring quiet, expert determination to IT systems, and to take on a variety of roles. His work as an IT consultant integrates his knowledge of technology with his desire to serve – driving clients’ business passions with 21st century technology.

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