Hot Rock Massage

I spent turkey day relaxing at the coast and wanted to share some of my photos with you. We managed to walk on the beach every day (even in this storm).

Luckily most of the time the weather was more like this.

I collected a few more massage rocks. Check out the tip on this one – perfect for digging in a shoulder blade!

So what is this hot rock or heated stone massage? I gently warm smooth river rocks and use them as mini heaters, leaving them on your skin for a few minutes to warm and soften tight muscles.  I also use them as massage tools (the above mention of digging in the shoulder for example).

I recently showed one of my clients how to treat herself at home by lying on the rock and she just reported that after a few rounds of her self massage treatment she is noticing much less pain and tightness in her shoulder. Hooray!

Want to experience a hot rock massage? Call or email me to schedule (503) 705-4762. If you are already scheduled for your December massage let me know ahead of time and I will warm the rocks for you.

I leave you with a few more shots of the Oregon coast…