Is Fluid’s Sixty Minute Massage Really Sixty Minutes?

A client asked me this week if my sixty minute massage was really a full sixty minutes. The answer is yes.

To clarify – she was asking about how much time would be spent with her on the table actually receiving her massage. Some high volume clinics schedule their sessions on the hour (noon, 1 pm, 2 pm…) which means you have one hour to arrive, check in, fill out any paperwork, chat with the therapist, get undressed and on the table, receive your massage, get dressed, pay and leave. This is assuming you had no trouble with traffic, finding parking etc… So your “sixty minute” massage is maybe forty minutes if you are lucky.

I schedule 15 – 30 minutes between each appointment and allow extra time for new clients. Why am I pointing this out? This is one example of what sets my business apart from others. What does this mean for you? A more relaxed experience (which is usually what you are going for with a massage right?). With a generous time cushion neither of us feels rushed and you receive the best value for your money.

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