Massage Therapy for Better Sleep

According to this article from Massage magazine, insomnia costs you more than a good night’s rest:

New research shows insomnia is costing the U.S. workforce more than $63 billion a year in lost productivity. Insomnia is costing the average U.S. worker 11.3 days, or $2,280 in lost productivity every year, according to a study in a recent issue of the journal Sleep. As a nation, the total cost is 252.7 days and $63.2 billion.

The study was conducted via phone interview and more women than men report suffering from insomnia. The study’s lead author Ronald C. Kessler, Ph.D. says “It’s an under appreciated problem. Americans are not missing work because of insomnia. They are still going to their jobs but accomplishing less because they’re tired. In an information-based economy, it’s difficult to find a condition that has a greater effect on productivity.”

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night or staying asleep? Want to be more productive at work or have a higher quality of life?  Massage therapy can help! Massage promotes rest and relaxation—two crucial components of good sleep.

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