Massage Therapy in Sellwood | Massage Therapist in SE Portland

Would you like to escape to a quiet, peaceful and warm space removed from the ringing of cell phones, returning of emails and answering of questions? A place where you can truly relax? Fluid Movement + Massage in Southeast Portland is your place.

We specialize in many types of massage and offer Pilates and yoga training from our Sellwood studio.

Massage is viewed in many cultures as part of a preventive health program. Although one massage will be enjoyable, the lasting effects of massage are cumulative and regular massage treatments are the best way to experience the positive health benefits.

At Fluid Movement + Massage, you can enjoy massage as a standalone service or in addition to strength sessions centered around yoga, Pilates and improving your core strength.

Looking for a gift? Treat your bride to be or birthday girl to some well-needed pampering. Want to reward your employees? Corporate chair massage available in 10 minute increments using no oil and working the head, neck, shoulders, back and hands.

Massage Menu

* Gift Certificates – available for thirty, sixty or ninety minutes. Ask about movement + massage packages
* Single session: $80
* Movement + Massage starter package: A six week intensive that includes five private Pilates or Yoga sessions plus a reward massage and home equipment (yoga mat, ball, or band): Call for pricing
* Corporate chair massage – call Anne for rates
* Fluid Tropical Vacations – join Anne in paradise for a relaxing week of Pilates, yoga, good food and fun.

Remind your body of how good it can feel! Contact us today to schedule your therapeutic massage.