Thai Massage

Thai Massage by Anne McCraineThe goals of a Thai massage session:

  • Move energy
  • Loosen tight soft tissue
  • Relaxation
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve joint function/ mobility

What differentiates Thai massage from traditional Swedish massage?

For your Thai massage session, you remain dressed in comfortable clothes, and rest on a padded mat. During a traditional massage you undress to your level of comfort, are draped in sheets, and you rest on a massage table.
Thai Massage with Anne McCraine


  • Acupressure – I use my thumbs, hands, and feet
  • Joint mobilization – I passively move your limbs
  • Stretching – push and pull, circles, up and down

Using rhythmic compressions, and gentle sinking pressure with my hands and feet to mobilize your joints. This gentle technique relieves tightness and muscular pain, calms your nervous system, and leaves you relaxed yet energized.


I prefer Thai massage to traditional massage. Lying face down on the massage table plugs up my sinuses and this side lying position did not. Because no oil is used, I can leave from here and go back to work without showering. Anne’s techniques are very relaxing. I was highly agitated when I came in and now I feel relaxed.

~ Michelle M.