Improve Your Standing Balance And Shoulder Flexibility With Eagle Pose

Here Lindsey demonstrates one of your October Five, Eagle Pose. Strengthen your legs, stretch your shoulders and improve your balance with this Yoga pose.

Plus it’s Halloween this week and there is this sort of spooky headless horseman thing going on when you really hide your head behind your arms… At any rate…

Lindsey is showing the most advanced version of this move. See how low she sits into her squat? This allows her legs to twist.

If your shoulders or hips do not allow for this (remember you should not feel pain in your joints – ESPECIALLY your knees while doing any of these moves), start with a modified version.


Below Dan demonstrates several options:

Option 1: Sit into a low chair pose or parallel squat with hips, knees and feet aligned. Extend your arms out in front to help with your balance (or try holding a medicine ball or small weight).

Option 2: Sit into a low squat (Chair pose) and bring your arms and legs together.


Again, Dan demonstrates some serious flexibility and strength by being able to sit this low while keeping his alignment. If your modified Eagle does not look like this please do not be discouraged. Do what you can, moving at your own pace. I am happy to take you through any of your October Five if you have questions. Call or email me or pop in to a class.  See you soon!



Anne McCranie owner of Fluid Movement + Massage is a Portland Oregon based personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. To schedule your movement + massage session contact  Anne  503-705-4762