March Five Exercises

Each month Anne offers five exercises to build strength and increase flexibility. For a full description of the five click here.

Here are your March Five:


1) Crescent Lunge – hold for one minute per side.


2) Pilates Push Up – roll down to plank. Five push ups.

mom Pilates push up 3.15

mom P. push up 3.15

3) Half Moon – stand near a wall for this one if you need balance help. From a lunge tip forward so most of your weight is on your front leg. Hold for one minute.

moom half moon prep 3.15


mom half moon 3.15

4) Boat – pull your belly in, lift your feet and hold for one minute.

mom boat 3.15

5) Single Leg Kick – alternate kicking left heel towards your hip, then right.

mom single leg kick 3.15

*this month my mom was here with me and agreed to pose for the five. How cute is she?