Yoga “Camel” Pose – Back Strength And Flexibility

We took advantage of the end of summer weather this month with outdoor yoga! Here Betsy demonstrates one of our September Five – Camel Pose.

photo (19)

This is a lovely back bend that when executed correctly feels like a wonderful stretch for your back, neck, quads, abs, almost your entire body. I like to cue my clients with the “Fosbury Flop” image, or feeling as if you are clearing a high jump bar by lifting up and out through your chest (rather than hunkering down).

As with all of these exercises you should not feel pain in your back, neck or knees. If you do feel pain, modify this move so that you can hold this position and breathe.


Anne McCranie, owner of Fluid Movement + Massage in Sellwood (Portland, Oregon) is a licensed massage therapist and ACE certified personal trainer.  She loves to help her clients find pain relief by incorporating movement and massage into their self care program. Please see your health care professional for specific medical advice before beginning a new exercise program.