Yoga Inversion Workshop Thursday February 21st At Sellwood Yoga

Did you know going upside down can help balance your hormones, improve circulation to your brain, and release endorphins helping to elevate your mood?

Join Anne this Thursday for her Inversion Workshop at Sellwood Yoga and learn to master poses like crow, shoulder stand, head and hand stand variations with ease, strength and fluidity.

  • Thursday February 21st
  • 7:30 – 8:45 pm
  • 7970B S.E. 13th ave
  • $15 payable to Sellwood Yoga

To get the most of of this workshop you should be comfortable holding a wide squat or goddess pose, a plank (or modified plank) position and downward facing dog for one minute each.

Questions? Call Anne (503) 705-4762

Preregister here