Yoga Party Trick – The Crow – December Five Exercises

Ok we are starting right off this month with a very advanced move. Here Suzanne demonstrates the Crow Pose from yoga, one of your December Five.


Some of my clients are able to just pop right up into this one on their first try, others struggle with it for years. Once you’ve mastered the crow you to will be able to easily hold this position for minutes at a time – talk about the ultimate party trick!

So where to begin? Start with your wide squat or goddess pose.

Then slowly work your hips lower and walk your feet in closer to each other.

Once you can easily get your hands flat on the floor you can rest your shins on the back of your upper arms and think of lifting your hips up rather than muscling up with your arms. Let me know if I can assist you in perfecting your crow or other arm balances.


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