Yoga With Anne At Sellwood Yoga

I am subbing a few classes this month at Sellwood Yoga, join me why don’t you?

Reverse Warrior 6.13

Noon Vinyasa:

  • Wednesday April 16th
  • Noon
  • $15 drop in
  • all levels
  • In this flowing strength and flexibility building session we incorporate standing balance, core strength, and linking your breath to your movement.

Happy Hour yoga:

  • Friday April 18th
  • 5:45 pm
  • $10 drop in
  • all levels
  • A fun sixty minute flow that you may take at your own pace. Sun salutes, warriors, hip and shoulder openers. We will go through the April Five and standing balance work to build strength and flexibility.

Drop ins welcome or you may preregister here.


Anne McCranie is a Portland, Oregon based Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She teaches a weekly Pilates mat class at Sellwood Yoga. She also offers classes and one on one sessions here in her Sellwood Studio. Contact her at