My clients find long lasting results from combining Movement + Massage! Customize your session with me based on what your body needs.

For example:

    • Core strength and spine mobility: Thirty minute Pilates session + sixty minute massage.
    • Muscular strength and joint mobilization: Sixty minute personal training session + thirty minute Thai massage.
    • Calm nervous system, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep: Ninety minute massage + cranio sacral session.

I see some clients as often as three times a week for a combination of personal training and massage.

Movement + Massage Packages

Incorporate strength, mobility, balance, and recovery with Fluid’s signature combo sessions. We map out a weekly or monthly schedule, and you decide how you want to spend your time with me, based on what your body needs that day. Scheduled for a workout but your neck is tight? Our session may include release work, light strength exercises, and hands on soft tissue work (AKA massage). Scheduled for a massage, but you missed your gym days due to travel? We work! We may include release work, strength building exercises, stabilization exercises, and/or stretching in your thirty or sixty minute personal training session.

Movement + Massage Rates: $85 – $120 per hour. Price based on frequency of visits.

Personal Training:

Build strength, lose weight, and improve your balance and flexibility with private strength training sessions.

Personal Training Rates: $85 – $120 per hour. Price based on frequency of visits.

Massage Therapy:

Relax your mind, release tight muscles, experience better sleep, and a state of calm with regular massage sessions.

Massage Therapy Rates: $85 – $120 per hour. Price based on frequency of visits.

Weekly Classes:

Receive personal attention in a small group setting, at a great value. Choose from Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Energy Flow, Teen yoga, and Barre classes.

Class Rates: $15 drop in. Click here to preregister for any of Fluid’s weekly classes held at Dance With Joy beginning March 2nd, 2020.