How to eat more veggies, and prepare quick, healthy meals at home with Melissa Olson

We recently chatted with Nutritionist Melissa Olson. She shared her tips for getting a healthy meal on the table in minutes. Also, how much protein we need (surprise – you may not be eating enough!), and how to get even your pickiest eaters to try new vegetables.

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Melissa shared this recipe

Chia Coconut Milk Pudding:

Ingredients – basic recipe

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

2-3 Tbsp Chia seeds (2 Tbsps yields a slightly runny pudding, 3 Tbsp more firm/ held together pudding).

Add in Ingredient Options/ Ideas (Choose 1 or more):

4-5 fresh or frozen strawberries, chopped. 2 Tbsp halved or crushed Blueberries. 1/4 cup fresh or frozen mango, chopped.


In a small bowl, combine coconut milk and chia seeds. Gently whisk or stir with a fork continuously for 3-5 minutes until mixture starts firming up and chia seeds suspend in mixture.

Mix in add ins of choice.

Refrigerate a minimum of 30 minutes before serving. I prefer 1-4 hours or overnight.

Store in refrigerator. Enjoy within 5 days.

Thanks Melissa!

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