The April Five Exercises

April Five – The Crescent Lunge

Each month I assign my clients five moves that they are to do every day. Just one minute per move and you don’t even have to do them all at once! Step back into a crescent lunge while you are waiting for your coffee (or tea) to brew. As you are getting into bed hold your bow pose. You get the idea.

I have added a few photos to jog your memory.

Here we start with the Crescent Lunge.

Crescent Lunge Anne

Also called “High lunge” this move should feel very different than your Warrior II.

Stand near a wall if needed for balance. Step left foot back in to a lunge with left heel off the ground. Track your right knee over your middle toes. Lift up into a back bend.

If this feels uncomfortable, lower your back knee, and back off of the back bend.

Maddie King Arthur Oct 2012

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